What is counseling?
Counseling is a way for people who are having problems that are difficult to deal with, or challenging to manage, to get help from a trained professional. There are many different kinds of counseling or therapy. We primarily work in what is referred to as talk therapy. Counseling is usually sought when a person can’t find the answers to a variety of challenges on their own. A therapist, AKA counselor, will discuss your concerns and ask questions to find a deeper level of understanding and explore possible resolutions. Our therapists will usually explore with you the different ways in which you can change your thinking or view of the problem and teach you skills that to resolve the it on your own.

Basic Types Therapy

Individual Counseling: In individual counseling the therapist work with the individual to reach resolution with a variety of issues, to relieve distress, solve problems, improve quality of life both emotional and practical. The therapist teach the skills and provide the feedback to facilitate success and resolution to the presenting problems.

Children and Adolescents: The therapists work with children and adolescents to achieve the same as above. Here therapists work with the child individually and with the parents and or school as needed to facilitate change, teach skills, and create new behaviors to replace undesirable ones. Virtual visits, TeleMed appointments, or telemental health sessions are NOT offered to children or teens. Additionally, an adult guardian or parent must be present for a portion of the initial appointment and late afternoon in-office appointments are limited.

Couples Counseling: In couples counseling the therapist work with the couple to address the problems presented by either party or both for the purpose of repairing, strengthening, or dissolving the relationship. The therapists work openly with all types of couples without discrimination to race, creed, ethnic origins, or sexual preference. Many commercial insurance plans DO NOT cover couples counseling but the EAP benefit offered by your employer is likely to offer this service. Ms. Scarlett-Lloyd DOES NOT provide couples counseling Services. NO clients or cases involving marriage, premarital, couples counseling, or multiple participant counseling will be accepted or scheduled.

Family Counseling: In family counseling therapists work with the family unit which might encompass various forms of step parenting, or extended generations such as grandparents. The therapist view the family as a system and work to determine which patterns are creating success and which patterns are destructive. We believe that healthy families are the foundations for healthy children, healthy relationships, healthy communities and ultimately, our healthy future. Ms. Scarlett-Lloyd DOES NOT provide family therapy services

EAP Counseling: Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling is designed to assist you and your family with meeting life challenges and remain healthy, engaged, and productive. Issues addressed by an EAP include: life changes/challenges – divorce, new job, new baby, aging parents, grief and loss, retirement, drug and alcohol use, relationship issues, depression, eating disorders, mental illness, stress, coping with difficult situations or difficult people, and work/life balance. Ms. Scarlett-Lloyd DOES NOT provide family or couples therapy services under any contracted EAP entity.

EAP counseling and confidentiality. The EAP counselor will not report the details of your sessions to anyone. Your EAP will inform you about restrictions to confidentiality. Going to the EAP in and of itself will not affect your employment status. An employer or a school provides EAP services for free, but the number of therapy sessions is limited. Your supervisor may grant a reasonable amount of time during working hours for you to attend EAP counseling sessions. If you make this type of arrangement, your manager/supervisor can request proof that you visited the EAP, but they cannot require that you or the therapist disclose any information about the substance of the visit. Although, utilizing your EAP is voluntary, employees with serious issues are referred to the EAP by management. If referred by your employer, it is still your choice whether or not to visit the EAP counselor. If you choose not to seek help and you are not addressing the issue that led to the referral, doing so may have implications related to the security of your position.

~Living each day with intention can energize and fulfill us and enhance the lives of those around us.~
~You can determine if the life you are living today is the life you want or if it’s one based on old ways of thinking and feeling. ~
~Making peace with your past and living in the present frees you to create the future you desire for yourself. ~
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