Now that you have began exploring engaging in psychotherapy (counseling), how can you afford it?

Employer sponsored free EAP counseling
Psychotherapy is a covered benefit through most Health Insurance Plans.
You can also choose pay for counseling yourself. Emails and text messages are strongly encouraged and preferred.
Medicare and Medicaid covered individuals need to read this before calling our office.
Sliding Scale counseling is offered by therapist and per session rate is determined in consultation with the therapist.
PLPC Treatment Option is NOT currently available at our office.
Here is other very important information for you to know!

~Living each day with intention can energize and fulfill us and enhance the lives of those around us.~
~You can determine if the life you are living today is the life you want or if it’s one based on old ways of thinking and feeling. ~
~Making peace with your past and living in the present frees you to create the future you desire for yourself. ~
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