Here are the answers to some of the questions often asked by our callers.

How often are sessions scheduled?
You can schedule your sessions to meet your treatment needs. However, often clients find that initially weekly or at times, bi-weekly appointments are useful until they see an improvement in their situation, and then decrease the frequency of appointments as treatment goal are accomplished.

Will medications be prescribed to me if they are needed?
NO ~ We are not medical doctors and we do not have prescription privileges. We can, however, refer you to an appropriate medical practitioner who can assess whether you need any medication.

Can I get FMLA time away from work for my appointments?
Clinicians will NOT provide written documentation or opinions (including FMLA form completion) on behalf of any client brief receiving EAP counseling. Doing so is strictly prohibited by our EAP Contracts under which we provide EAP treatment. If you make such request or demand, the therapist WILL refer you back to your EAP AND inform the referring EAP of this development. FMLA documentation is only completed for existing clients but NOT new clients and only after discussion. Ms. Scarlett-Lloyd strongly urges her clients not to initiate FMLA leave without a prior discussion or contacting their psychiatrist/PCP.

What if I want time off work or need time away from my workplace to address my symptoms or get treatment?
Our clinicians DO NOT to provide written opinions for fitness for duty or disability on new patients. We will not contact employers or agencies on your behalf about work-related matters, such as requests for time off for psychological reasons. ALL of these requests will be refused without explanation or argument. All requests for time away from work for psychological reasons will be discussed at length. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of any “Stay-at-Work Services” their employer may offer and discourage workplace absences. Short-Term Disability and Leave of Absence requests involve a provider spending time to complete an Attending Physician Statement and the Mental Health Assessment of Ability to Do Work Related Activities in a short time-frame. There might be a stipulation that your PCP or psychiatrist and not a therapist must complete these documents. YOU are responsible for understanding all policies related to leave from your workplace. Just because you make a request or file a claim for this type of benefit does not guarantee that it will be approved or your will have paid time off. The professional fees charged to compose the documentation for satisfying each request is your responsibility because it is NOT reimbursed by health plans or the 3rd party companies. We will not be complicit in filing potentially fraudulent claims for benefits.

What if I have marital or family problems and my spouse or other members of my family will not participate?
It is not necessary for your spouse or other family member to attend therapy sessions with you. You will still benefit from the sessions. Often later on, after your family member see the changes that therapy has brought about in you, they may also feel like attending.

Can you do sessions with people who live outside of Missouri?
No ~ We are not be able to do phone and Internet video-conferencing. The terms of your specific health plan determine whether or not such services are covered benefits. Contact your health plan about the availability of these services to you, before contacting our office.

How long do sessions last?
Sessions average a little less than an hour, but they can sometimes be shorter or longer depending on your needs. The therapist may extended a session to help move things along or your accomplish therapeutic goals. Sessions will NOT be shorter than 45 minutes in length. Thus, if you are be more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be rescheduled. Only under special circumstances will sessions be longer than 75 minutes (1.25 hrs).
How can I tell if it is working? Progress in counseling usually feels like something has changed. You might feel more sure of yourself, or more optimistic. Usually you are applying the new skills and acting on new ways of thinking. You may also find that you are now successful at getting better results from behaviors that in the past might not have been so successful. It really comes down to you and how you are feeling.
How will I know when counseling is complete? You will feel more complete. Most of the distress and difficulty that precipitated your decision to seek counseling will be more manageable. Your understanding about the problem will be different and you will have new skills and strategies to use in addressing the problems. Your counselor or therapist can provide you with feedback about your question to continue or end sessions. They can best determine if you are ready to discontinue counseling. Ultimately the decision is yours to make.

Is what I say kept private?
Yes ~ All sessions are kept completely confidential. However, all current U.S. Department of Health & Human Services HIPAA laws apply. You may review these here.

What is the secure fax number for the office?
314-584-2171 ~ All information requests must be in writing and accompanied by appropriately executed release of information. Prior to the release of any client information we will contact the client and discuss the request. Due to the very sensitive nature of psychotherapy, after receiving a request for information the psychotherapist determine what, if any, information will be provided to the third party. Verbal releases are absolutely unacceptable.

What if I have Medicare or Mo HealthNet then what?
With medicare only you will be responsible for the full cost of any service provided to you. This is the same for adults with “straight’ Medicaid only. Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) CANNOT bill Medicaid or Medicare for psychotherapy provided to adults. Ms. Scarlett-Lloyd does not participate in Medicare program. She CANNOT enter into any agreement to provide Medicare-covered services. This is a federal restriction (forbidden by the current US laws). In order to schedule an appointment with with our office you are required to enter into a self-pay agreement for individual services and pay the entire charge ($80.00 fee MINIMUM) at the time of each appointment. Therefore, when we are contacted by adults who has straight Medicaid or Medicare they are offered services as self-pay. Our office do NOT and will NOT contract with or bill ANY Medicare Supplement plan.

What should I do next?
Contact us to arrange for psychotherapy services in the St. Louis area by calling or messaging 314-656-6293 or by emailing

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